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Service electronic throttle. Long winded but hopefully it saves someone hours of forum reading for the same issue.


New Member
Sep 21, 2021
Truck Year
So I got the dreaded "service electronic throttle control" message while on a family vacation 1000 miles from home. It initially happened pulled our boat out of the water. Out of habit I put my foot on the brake while accelerating due to the ramp being steep and having older vehicles before. The message came up and we limped the truck back to the hotel. While reading forums I saw it could be fifty different things setting off that message so I went into panick mode. I walked to Walmart and got some sensor cleaner and what not and went after the common MAP sensor cleaning. Nothing. I then put the stock tune back on then put the stage 2 tune back on and the service electronic throttle control message went away and stayed gone for another 1600 miles pulling the boat. When we dropped the boat off 30 miles from our house, the service electronic throttle control message came back on on the way home. I tried doing the MAP cleaning and the tune download again several times but it would come back in anywhere between 100 yards and 2 miles from the house. I got to reading the forums again and went to cleaning sensors and every other thing that was an easy fix for others. I gave up and took it to a diesel mechanic thinking it would be cheaper to pay a diesel mechanic since I'm lost with diesels than throwing parts at it. The truck was at the mechanic for a month then told me they couldn't find anything wrong mechanically and blamed it on the tune. I was like oh the tune all the sudden went bad after 8 months. Checking into more things and talking with the tuner. I built a smoke tester and checked20211004_072004.jpg the pipe that had gone from the turbo manifold to the egr cooler and found it to be cracked. While deleting the truck in had rounded one of the bolts off on the 3 bolt flange and the turbo manifold so I used the other block off plate for the other end of the tube, not realizing it had an expansion joint that was covered by the insulator sock. Over time from vibration and expansion and contracting the tube cracked. It took forever to get the rounded bolt out due to the stainless line being in the way but I finally got it and put the block off plate on the manifold and now no service electronic throttle control message and running fine.


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