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egr delete

  1. W

    EGR Cooler Questions

    Hey y'all. I'm new... to the forum and to the ED. Frankly, I'm new to all things mechanical... So I apologize in advance for any ignorant questions or statements... I purchased a 2016 Ram ED LoneStar Edition a few months back. To be honest, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I've...
  2. E

    Service electronic throttle. Long winded but hopefully it saves someone hours of forum reading for the same issue.

    So I got the dreaded "service electronic throttle control" message while on a family vacation 1000 miles from home. It initially happened pulled our boat out of the water. Out of habit I put my foot on the brake while accelerating due to the ramp being steep and having older vehicles before. The...
  3. Lpettey

    EGR delete kit options?

    Has anyone used any of the eBay EGR delete kits? Opinions? They consist of the same items some of the more costly kits do.
  4. P

    Tuning Options?

    Just purchased a 2016 Eco, before even picking it up I had the deletes on order, my next step is the tuning! There are too many options and no one ever comes right out and sticks with one answer. Which is the best overall, and why? Cut the BS and give me some good information! :D
  5. B

    EGR delete.

    I’m new to feed so I’m hoping I posted this in the correct spot. I have a 2016 Ram 1500 eco diesel and I’m current looking into doing a egr delete. My question is if I install the 2 plates and don’t do the tune what will happen? I keep seeing in all the descriptions when I go to buy these plates...
  6. J

    Egr delete questions

    I want to delete the egr diffuser tube with block off plates or remove the entire egr cooler assembly. If I don’t get an aftermarket tuner (GDE) or similar what will happen? Will I just get a check engine light or would my truck go into limp mode? I plan to get a tuner later just want to delete...
  7. D

    RAM 2015 EcoDiesel EGR Delete - Sasquatch Stage 1 vs Entire STG 1&2?

    I have a 2015 RAM 1500 Laramie EcoDiesel (ED). This truck has just over 62K miles and over the past 3 years it has been over 4 months getting repairs to the Diesel Particulate Filter. I just got it back after a 6 weeks visit to the service center and the issue that was "fixed" wasn't and it...