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electronic throttle control

  1. F

    Regen issue

    So even though I’ve posted many times this is not a grocery getter, I went from putting a 100,000 on my truck in two years to driving it just 4 miles a day because we bought a retail store. About a week and half ago, I got the 80% warning and went to drive my truck on the highway to clear out...
  2. T

    Damn Electronic Throttle Control!!!

    Heading home from work. Punched it to pass an old lady doing 30 in a 50. 10 seconds later truck starts sputtering and dies. "Check Electronic Throttle Control" on the screen. Check engine light and oil pressure light both on. Truck is a 2016 with 115k miles. I replaced the MAP sensor (it...
  3. Y

    Throttle control but no check engine

    Have a 2014 ecodiesel with 120k Has dpf delete along with tune Got a throttle control light and no boost Car runs fine no check engine light but is slow as balls !!! Changed map sensor No air leaks Question is could a clogged intake cause it to loose boost ? If I clear the light I get full...
  4. A

    Throttle position sensor/accelerator pedal/throttle control service

    My 2015 EcoD threw a P2138-00 code and the dealership said my pedal position sensors failed. They want $914 total ($370 parts and $424 labor then tax and fees). After finding the same part (Mopar's #53034160AE) from another dealer for $280 I am fixing it myself. Seems like it is two nuts and a...
  5. luismn2014

    ram 2014 minnesota help

    hello guys im a new member and this is my very first post. Im driving a 2014 ED with 105000 miles i had the service electric throttle control come on and 2 days later the 100% exhaust filter full take to dealer light came on. i plan on doing the GDE swap but do you have any recommendations to...
  6. W

    Electronic Throttle Control Nightmare

    So my truck pops up the "electronic Throttle control needs service" and I take it in. Dealer says the air filter is full of what looks like sand. Did not know to ask which filter. Not covered under warranty and charges $250 and clears the code. Great, whatever. Now I'm towing a light boat for...
  7. S

    New ecodiesel owner ETC problem!

    Hi. Picked up new RAM 1500 Ecodiesel down south and drove it 1200 miles home. Absolutely love the truck after previous 10 years wit a duramax crew cab! Ride home 26.2 and 27.3 MPG running up the blue ridge and Appalachian mountains over two tanks driving home. This week on 900 mile round trip...