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  1. J

    New to group and have questions.

    I recently bought a 2017 Ram eco to pull a travel trailer. Truck is 4x4, Laramie Longhorn. Lower than expected mpg, very sluggish low-end torque. Is this common for the year? 70kmiles. Built in Canada. Also, dealer said had 9000 lb towing capacity but find different weights at different...
  2. D

    2021 Bighorn

    The truck is built. Just waiting for it to ship. Looking for any known issues, especially on the gen 3 engine. I'm new to diesel, although I think I know the basics. Any fuel/preventative maintenance pointers would be appreciated. Also, any known real life mpg in the 70-80 mph speed range. Thx.
  3. Brady

    GDE Tuned ECM

    For sale is a GDE tuned ECM from early 2017. Works as it should. $700 USD shipped UPS.
  4. K

    hello all!!!

    just bought my 2015 eco ram. Has 35000 miles on it. so far i love it compared to my 2011 silverado. but im not to impressed with the fuel mileage on this one. reason i bought this one is i test drove a 2014 that had 23000 miles on it. on the overnight test ride we drove it about 70 miles...
  5. O

    Fuel Milage Sucks

    I have a 2015 Ram 1500 ecodiesel with 34,000 miles. 1.55 gear ratio and full size topper. 90 percent of my driving is interstate and about 25 percent of that is pulling a 3,000 lb trailer. I have never once gotten over 21 mpg. Usually average 18 to 19 mpg with out trailer and 12 - 14 with...
  6. jdn112011

    hypermiling ecodiesel

    I've got 355 miles on the clock on this tank of fuel so far. I've driven from Roseau MN (10 miles from Canadian Border) to the Mall of America Bloomington, MN Pretty damn good. 3 persons and some light luggage. Been driving 56-60MPH only surpassing that to 63MPH to hit Aero then backing off...