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  1. M


    Thanks to whomever built this forum. I'm new to this forum and all kind of forums, sorry, please be patient. I've a 2014 1500 Ecodiesel BigHorn with a lot of issues, (one is a flickering on the dash whole thing dimms up and down when cold), latest issue is a leak in what seems to be the...
  2. Tmckinney20

    Transmission Noise/Chirp

    I have heard a chirp between shifts since I bought the ED. I had the timing cover oil leak repaired under warranty a few weeks ago and decided to replace the transmission filter while it was in the shop. The truck had about 85K on it at the time. I occasionally tow a 22-foot dovetail car...
  3. 04MachMan

    High trans temps

    Hey guys, need some help isolating a problem. On a 2.5 hour trip a couple of weeks ago I noticed that the radiator fan was running while cruising down the highway at 75 mph. I switched the evic to the temperature page and noticed the trans temp was 268F. The engine oil temp was 208F and the...
  4. SofaKingTuned

    Sofa King Tuned Engine and Transmission Tune COMBO ONLY $720

    http://www.SofaKingTuned.com Sofa King Tuned LLC is having a 20% off store-wide father's day sale. use coupon "SENDITDAD" This means a Stage 1 Engine tune WITH transmission tune is ONLY $720 shipped priority mail to your door. Please checkout www.sofakingtuned.com/FAQ for some VERY...
  5. J

    2015 ecodiesel with water in transmission.

    Guys I have a 2015 ecodiesel crewcab with 60,000 miles that wouldn’t start. Found the transmission fuse was blown. Hauled to dealer I purchased from and they tell me I have water in the transmission. The pickup has never driven in flooded waters since I have had the pickup. Purchased it with...