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2016 1500 Laramie


New Member
Nov 6, 2016
Truck Year
jmon3y610 submitted a new Garage Item:

Jmon3y610's Truck

15k miles on so far as on (April 30th 2017) bought it in July of '16.
Avg. (empty) MPG : 19.1 (80-85mph on not the most level of highways, plus i kinda drive live an :censored:.....that being said im content with it)
Avg. MPG (just highway driving) - around 24-25
**Towed enclosed 20' trailer with 4 bikes from PA to Nashville,TN to Pigeon Forge,TN back to PA...average mpg was 13.2 (~8,000lbs)**
- changed oil at 10k, very simple, easiest oil change i ever done as a matter of fact. Just YouTube it if you want step-by-step, that's what i did
- changed fuel filter at 15k. Also YouTube this, there are some good videos.
*** i did purchase the fuel filter removal tool from Geno's garage, which makes it easy to remove, and they give you a replacement drain plug so the next time you change it you don't take a diesel fuel bath**
- ALL after market things listed where done by myself or a buddy in his garage. They are all relatively simple, with the correct tools. If you do have a question feel free to ask and i will try to get back to you in a reasonable time.

****I tried to be as specific as possible and save anyone who may have a question about anything done that may be considering doing the same thing to their truck. I fully understand the frustration of having a question/concern and not having the answer you want when you need it or getting two completely different answers.

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