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AEM Ecodiesel Tune Problems


New Member
Jul 27, 2019
Truck Year
I got the AEM done June 6, 30 days later it is sitting in my driveway after the dealership cant get to it until Sept. 9. Here is how it went done, driving back from the farm store the check engine light pops on and throttle control warning starts to flash. This is on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday the turbo boost warning comes on. Then the 80% particulate filter warning and before I get to the highway the 100% warning. These all accompanied by a loss of power, no turbo, and poor shifting. I stopped by O'Reilly's and found code PO299 and PO2459.

So today I get to the dealer and 5 hours later hear back. They say it needs new injectors, a new diesel particulate filter, and a bunch of other things for emissions and the engine, nd that some of the parts are on backorder. It is going to come to $6000-8000 and of course is covered by the new warranty. This truck has less than 43000 miles on it. No idea when I will get it back.


Active Member
Nov 15, 2015
Truck Year
That is the same mileage i had when i traded mine in, i had a (gde) flash at the time, which was flashed over by the AEM update, i was going to give it about a month and then get (gde) to reflash for $50.00, now i find out that gde is shut down, and to ad insult to misery i would of had to have a transmission flash also at $600.00 to compensate for the trans flash that was part of the AEM flash, hopefully the cummins i traded up for has less drama attached to it, if not back to chevy.....
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