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ecodiesel 3.0

  1. M


    Thanks to whomever built this forum. I'm new to this forum and all kind of forums, sorry, please be patient. I've a 2014 1500 Ecodiesel BigHorn with a lot of issues, (one is a flickering on the dash whole thing dimms up and down when cold), latest issue is a leak in what seems to be the...
  2. T

    Tune and delete

    I’m looking for a delete and tune kit or separate package(USA). I’ve heard a lotta goods and bads. Who’s the most recommended.
  3. D

    Looking at buying a 2014 Ram ecodiesel crewcab for work

    Hey, I'm new to this site but am desperate for opinions and comments. I'm looking at buying a 2014 Dodge Ram ecodiesel crewcab with a new motor from a dealership and I will be driving 5 days a week roughly 200-300km a day. found the ecodiesel and have heard mixed opinions. I've done my research...
  4. Ranjha

    Ram Eco Diesel 2018 outdoorsman

    Hi everyone I recently moved to brockville ON Canada 🇨🇦, and my Dodge Ram 2018 Eco Diesel after 65k ON it , all of sudden meter and service light 💡 came up with massage of Exhaust Filter is 100%Full Please suggest the best options available! Thanks 😍
  5. Z

    Engine ticking noise after exhaust filter regen

    I bought this truck a month ago and after it asked for a regen today it started making this clicking sound. It's a 2017 laramie 1500 ecodiesel.
  6. T

    Eco diesel Engine Failure

    While I do not have a Ram with the eco diesel there seem way less jeeps with them so I’m broadening our range and hoping someone here can help. Driving on the interstate the other day our 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with the 3.0L Ecodiesel flashed low oil pressure, shifted to neutral, then...
  7. C

    AEM Ecodiesel Tune Problems

    I got the AEM done June 6, 30 days later it is sitting in my driveway after the dealership cant get to it until Sept. 9. Here is how it went done, driving back from the farm store the check engine light pops on and throttle control warning starts to flash. This is on a Saturday afternoon. Sunday...
  8. J


    Hey all, bill here. I’ve got a 2018 eco diesel- love it. Laramie, crewcab, long bed, 3.92 gears, leveled with bilstein 5100’s, 17 method nv bronze wheels, Lt305/70/17 Nitto ridge grappler tires, hellwig rear sway bar, timber grove enterprises air bags, amp steps, and a pedal commander. Still...
  9. M

    2014 RAM 1500 Eco diesel 3.0

    43,xxx miles on our 2014 RAM 1500 Eco diesel 3.0. Got 2nd "Service Throttle Body Assembly" error message. Dealer reset error code and now the truck runs fine. Dealer says RAM is trying to determine what is causing this error but for now told to just keep driving it?? Ram should provide Error...