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New Member
Jul 10, 2020
New Tecumseth
Truck Year
Hey Guys,
I'm not sure if anyone has had this issue or not with their Ram. But I have a 2019 1500 EcoDiesel Laramie, I'm trying to change the tire size from the stock 275/60R20 to my winter 265/70r17 tires. I used the directions on here by choosing "BODY COMPUTER - MY2013-17 PowerNet" then " Program Tire Size" and selecting "P265/70R17 A/T". However once I do that and switch the ignition back to RUN, I get a message on my dash "AUTOPARK DISABLED", "SERVICE TRAILER BRAKE" and "MEMORY CANNOT BE SET WHILE VEHICLE IN MOTION" ??? Which is weird since I'm still parked and the truck isn't even on. As soon as I switched back to the factory 275/60R20 setting those error codes disappeared. Am I using the correct Control Unit - "MY2013-17 PowerNet" or should I be using " BODY COMPUTER -MY2019 PowerNet" ?

TC Diesel

Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Jul 14, 2016
Truck Year
Sometimes you need to surf around until you fin the correct control unit, Do you have the bypass module install since its 2019, its odd generally W/O the Bypass the connect states cannot communicate with module.


New Member
Jul 10, 2020
New Tecumseth
Truck Year
Sometimes you need to surf around until you fin the correct control unit, Do you have the bypass module install since its 2019, its odd generally W/O the Bypass the connect states cannot communicate with module.
Hi TC Diesel, yeah I have the KaodTech Security Bypass Cable. I think I'm just using the wrong PowerNet setting. I want to use the 2019 but I'm not sure if it's for the Classic or DT new gen RAM.


Well-Known Member
Jun 7, 2015
Truck Year
Any way to enable remote start?


New Member
Jul 10, 2020
New Tecumseth
Truck Year
I got this from Ram Forums ( I hope its ok that post it here.):

AlfaOBD Known Working Settings
Auto Dim High Beams: ( Thanks Ricks Ram for clarification
Vehicle Configuration 1: Auto High Beam
Select “yes”
Vehicle Configuration 3: Interior EC Mirror Present
LIN & Misc: Smart Beam Present (AHBM)
Select “yes"
2014 CBC I/O & Features: Auto High Beam Module Location
Select “ECC_AHBM"
Customer Service Menus: Auto High Beam CSM
Select “yes”
Mirrors Interior Rear View and Exterior: (signal, puddle, dim)
Vehicle Configuration 3: Interior EC Mirror Present (Rear view mirror)
Doors: Mirror Turn Signal Present
Select “yes”
Doors: Electro-chromatic driver mirror present
Select “yes”
Doors: Electro-chromatic passenger mirror present
Select “yes”
Doors: Mirror Approach Lights Present
Select “yes”
Under “program customer features”
EC Mirror Auto Dim (Rear view mirror)
Select “enable” ...I believe this merely turns on/off the auto dim mirror which can also be accomplished
through the menu settings or soft key on the 8.4 screen.

Tow Mirror Flip Up Correction:
Doors: Tow Mirrors Present
Select “yes”
Auto Tilt Mirrors in Reverse: For premium mirrors (chrome capped with more than 4 wires on white
Doors: Driver Memory Mirrors Present
Select "Yes"
Doors: Passenger Memory Mirrors Present
Select "Yes"
CustSetMenu 2: Tilt mirror in reverse
Select "Yes"
Power Folding Mirrors: (If door modules and switch is installed)
Doors-Folding mirrors present
Fog lamps with high beams:
CBC Features: Fog lamp dropout enable
Select "No"
Vehicle Configuration 3: HVAC Configuration:
Note: “With an aftermarket radio and the maestro, you can only set it to “dual zone ATC” to have it
work properly. I have the same set up, and if you try to go to “ATC single zone”, it will glitch out. This is
because the maestro is flashed to a Ram truck, and all it knows the ram to have is either single mtc, dual
mtc, or dual ATC.” Jimmy07
Dual Zone ATC
Disconnect AlfaOBD app & shut off the truck for a few minutes and you must wait for the Dual Temp
sliders to display on the 8.4 radio before proceeding with single zone ATC change.
(Battery disconnect between can speed up the radio/BCM reset for changes, especially with a UAx radio)
Single Zone ATC
Nav Setting to disable/enable turn by turn on EVIC through 8.4:
Nav turn by turn
Select “yes”
EVIC Splash Screen (for Limited logo): (2015 to present trucks)
Vehicle Configuration 1: Special Package
Select "Limited"
Vehicle Configuration 2: Special Package
Select "Limited"
SRT Splash on 8.4 Screen Boot:
Vehicle Configuration 3: Vehicle is an SRT
Select "yes"
DRLs: (Daytime Running Lights) For “Dedicated” DRLs (Rams with factory projectors) see post #7079
CBC Features: DRL Configuration
Select “Optional DRL”
CBC Features: DRL Lamp location (several to choose from, high beam, low beam, fog lamp, dedicated
and SRT Light Bar) Known working high beam, low beam, turn signal and fog lamp.
CBC Features: DRL Dropout Enabled
Select “yes”
ECU 3: DRL Customer Setting Enable/Disable
Select “yes”
Customer Service Menus: Daytime Running Lights CSM
Select “yes”
2014 CBC I/O & Feature: Truck Bed Lighting Feature
Select “yes”
Front Windows with Fob:
Doors: Global Up (not currently working)
Select “yes”
Doors: Global Down
Select “yes”
Trailer Brake Controller:
Trailer select csm
Select “yes”
Trailer name csm
Select “yes”
Trailer type csm
Select “yes”
P/T chassis net-ITBM/HWM integrated trailer brake module
Select “enable”
Rear View Camera:
Rear View Camera
Rear Camera Present
Rear Camera CSM
Rear View Camera Delay CSM
Trailer Hitch Camera
Rear View Camera Dynamic Gridlines Enabled - Or - Static Gridlines Enabled
Cargo Camera:
CHMSL Camera
Select “yes”
LED CHMSL Lamp Present
Select “yes”
Compass Heading (Evic):
Display Compass Heading Present
Select “yes”
Enable TravelLink on 2013-2018 8.4 Nav Radios (Mpgrimm2):
(Ricks_Ram “The 2013 to 2017 radios have the app built into them so it doesn't matter if you have
your BCM enabled or not but on the 2018 and up UAQ radios they read the Travel Link feature directly
off of your BCM so if you're Travel Link is not enabled in your truck it will not appear in your settings
SDAR Travel Link Feature Present
Select “yes”
Door Handle LED (mjf6175):
Door Handle LED Present
Push Button Start (Keyless Entry) (mjf6175 - See Notes):
VehConfig 3 - Keyless Go Present
VehConfig 3 - Passive Entry Present
VehConfig 3 - FOBIK Safe Enabled
LIN and Misc - Auto Relock Time
CustSetMenu 1 - Passive Entry CSM
Rain Sense:
VehConfig 2-Rain sensor Present
CustSetMenu 1 Rain sensitive wipers CSM
Calibration may need to be ran for adding the sensor and after adding the codes. Check for proper
operation before running “Light Rain Sensor Calibration” or “Light Rain Sensor Re-Adaptation”. This
has not been tested! Edit: This was not needed in my case. The BCM picked up on and the sensor
functioned as it should.
Remove Service Air Suspension Message:
P/T Chassis Net-ASCM Air Suspension Control Module
"Not enabled"
Memory seats, Mirrors, Easy Exit Seats and Memory Linked to Fob:
Memory Seat:
Cabin Net - MSM Memory Seat module
Memory - Memory Seat Present
ECUConfig 3 - Memory CSO Present
Easy Exit Seat:
CustSetMenu 1 - Easy exit seat CSM
RKE Linked to Memory:
CustSetMenu 2 - RKE linked to memory CSM
Memory Mirrors:
Doors - Passenger Memory Mirror Present
Doors - Driver Memory Mirrors Present
Notes: They have to pin the 4 wires in the yellow driver's seat plug in order for them to work. Two to
the CAN pin #5 and #6 and two to the drivers door module. Pin #2 and #13. You don’t need memory
mirrors for the memory seats to work but you do need to be wired to the door module. ~Ricks_Ram
Heated/Vented Seats with Heated Wheel (with Rear Heated Seats):
Memory-Front Vented Seats Present
ECUConfig 3-Front Vented Seats Present

ECUConfig 3-Front Heated Seats Present
ECUConfig 3-Heated Steering Wheel Present
Memory-Rear Heated Seats Present
CustSetMenu 1-Auto-on driver comfort CSM (option 2-3)
Memory-Heated Steering Wheel Present
ECUConfig 4-Heated Seat Present
Memory-Heated Wheel Material Type
Memory-Heated Seat Material Type
Post for details To
Thank you @Ricks_Ram
Adding factory fog lights:
CBC I/O - Front Fog Lamps Output Present
Adding Factory CD:
Cabin Net - EDM External Disc Module
Homelink Electric Overhead Console Module:
LIN and Misc - EOM Present
Factory Inverter:
VehConfig 2-Power InverterType (Latching Switch)
ECUConfig 3-Power Inverter Present
Vehicle Settings Menu 7” EVIC: (needed when going from 3” standard to 7” premium EVIC
to show radio settings menu. Especially important for aftermarket radio such as the Tesla
unit) Post @Lawsuit 11
ECUConfig 4-IPC Feature Configuration
HID Lamps: (when installing high intensity discharge lamps to remove PWM) Post @Jimm07
here and here
VehConfig 3-High Intensity Discharge Lamps