Ecodiesel longevity

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Nov 13, 2015
I don't see what how many per week has much to do with anything, how many 1500 Rams with the Eco have be produced since 2014?, maybe 120000?, 7% failure on the total sold would be over 8000 engines, have 8000 trucks had engine replacement?, I don't think so
How about when FCA says average 215 per month failure rate?


New Member
Jan 15, 2019
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I don't understand why mine ran perfectly 59000 MI. And then caught on fire I have extended warranty and FCA says fires happen that I should understand well I don't. Why should my insurance have to pay.


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Jun 9, 2019
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My dealer noted that many failures are coming from improper oil changes. These things cant go thru a quick lube. My local dealer will let the oil drain for 30 minutes and then another 30 minutes once filled to ensure the pan is full before starting the vehicle. I am doing the changes myself to ensure this practice is maintained to minimize any issues.

cs in Alabama

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Feb 21, 2019
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10.75 quarts of low cost dino oil won't do the engine a whole lot of good. But as TC Diesel will tell you, if not any other engine builder, that may cause excess engine wear but not main bearing failure. There is a significant fault in the assembly of some 7 to 9% of eco engines. It is my own theory that soot in the oil from the EGR, cheap dino oil, and oil dilution from fuel in the oil can cause borderline engines to fail more quickly. Lots of failures happen to people who use good oil, good filters, change oil every 8k miles and baby their trucks.

Seriously. Main bearing failure in a modern engine under 300k miles? It's really unheard of except in the VM Motori 3.0 engine.
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