EPA National Compliance Initiative - Stopping Aftermarket Defeat Devices

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TC Diesel

Well-Known Member
Jul 14, 2016
Truck Year
Link not workee

Here's the new plan of attack, Page 4 Phg 1 https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2019-07/documents/esapilotmemotemplateforcaavetamperingdefeatdevices.pdf

These are prohibitions against selling, offering to sell, or installing any part or component whose principal effect is to bypass, defeat, or render inoperative a motor vehicle emission control device or element of design.

Saying a turbo Principal is to defeat, bypass or render inoperative IMO is impossible, not any different than saying a Modded pump defeats, deletes, or renders the SCR/EGR inoperative.

Now grid heaters are emissions related, removing them would violate CAA Law, but never has any company been served for Grid heater deletes or fine's.