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Greetings, EcoDiesel Water pump replaced.


New Member
Dec 12, 2016
Truck Year
Hi, just joined to share info.

My 2014 Ecodiesel passed 80k mikes when I noticed its water temp going past 230°F, so checked my reservoir and found it almost empty last September. I added one gallon of 50/50 premixed mopar coolant, bought from dealer for about $25 including tax, see below.
Since then had to add about a gallon each month until finally overheating warning appeared while driving in 50°F outside temp. Found reservoir empty again and added gallon of distilled water to drive it to dealer. That was 2 weeks ago.
My SA informed 2 days after I turned mine in that its water pump was leaking. The pump had to be orderd. Well, took another week for the pump to arrive at dealership, that was last Thursday.
It's now Monday and I called my SA. He says that the tech is still working on mine, and the repair should be finished this afternoon.

He says FCA will cover the repair, and I am thankfull for that. However, having had a rental car for 2 weeks now, it's going to cost me still $500 if i can get my truck back today. That's on top of my $600 truck payment. Not too happy.

Coming from Tundra before I bought my Ecodiesel, I am questioning my choice of purchase now after only 2 years of ownership. Had no water pump or other major issues on 2003 Tundra until after 200k miles. I trade it in with 250k miles for Ecodiesel because of its better fuel mileage rating and the styling. Always liked the look of Ram trucks as my first vehicle was a used 73 Dodge Polara. Loved that 10 year-old car even though it leaked oil and gave me only 10 mpg . Lost it in my first car accident.

Anyhow, just wanted let you guys know that premature water pump repair is covered past the warranty period.
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Staff member
Jul 27, 2013
Truck Year
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Sorry to hear of the troubles. These trucks are no different from others, they all break. Sometimes we just get unlucky.. I wouldn't let this repair steer you away from the platform. If you like it, and still enjoy the truck just drive it and be happy.


Active Member
Jul 15, 2014
Truck Year
just as boostn said, some cars/trucks just have random issues since everything and anything can fail at any given time. its amazing the quality we have these days with so much emissions and very little faliures when you compare all of the trucks on the road!


Active Member
Apr 17, 2016
Truck Year
Sounds like you got very lucky with a $500 bill. Ignoring your cooling system to that extent can cause serious damage. You should at the very minimum open your hood and check your fluids weekly. If any fluids require more than a quart or two between oil changes you have a big issue that needs addressing.

Alex Frith

New Member
Sep 16, 2018
Truck Year
I've got 2 of these trucks. I'm doing the intake on the 2015 right now and that needs a water pump as well. It's got 135k on it with no problems until the swirl valve stuck in the intake through all the EGR mess.