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Hello, I am new to the Forum.

David Sales

New Member
May 5, 2017
Truck Year
I was wanting to obtain information on different tuners. I have researched TS Performance, AG diesel solutions, Banks, AFE, and wanted to know if anyone uses any of these and which one delivers best bang for the buck. I think that they all claim 40-60 HP with 100 FTlbs of torque at the rear wheels. The truck is still under warranty so I really don't want to flash the ECU or change it out at this time due to voiding my warranty. I am not trying to make a race truck or pour black smoke red light to red light and I am only trying to get better throttle response & increased fuel mileage at highway speeds. I will be towing a camper that weighs around 6200 lbs once or twice per month and towing my boat back and forth from the lake.

any feedback you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Well-Known Member
Jun 7, 2015
Truck Year
Altering the OEM programming in anyway will void the warranty is my understanding. Doesn't matter if it's a bench flash or loaded through the OBD port, IF that's even an option.

That said, many are fond of the GDE product. A small increase in power and a whole bunch of other details make it a fan favorite. Have you looked in them?

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New Member
Sep 26, 2018
Truck Year
Not Listed
I was wondering about all this tuning talk. I bought the lifetime warranty so it looks like I'll never be able to put a tuner on unless I want to kiss off that $$ I spent on the warranty.