How many miles do you have on your eco diesel?

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New Member
Jul 28, 2020
Anderson, SC
Truck Year
Hi I'm wanting to buy a 2015 EcoDiesel with 140,000 miles on it, 4x4 with EGR delete for $17k. Is it worth it? Will it last a while?


Jul 9, 2019
Truck Year
I have 69000 on my 16, no delete. Won't do that till I'm off all my warranties. Besides replacing the EGR cooler several times and having a couple of plugged exhaust sensors, no issues. Based on what I read here, its the luck of the draw. I got lucky, my was a lease trade-in with 39000 on it when I bought it. If you do buy it, drive with the DIC on the engine stats at all times...I would have wasted my engine during my first EGR cooler failure if I hadn't been paying attention.

TC Diesel

Well-Known Member
Jul 14, 2016
Truck Year
Unless it has maintenance Records its risky, at that mileage its going to need some repairs, in addition to the possibility of major failure.

Now that being said $17K No, Your looking at 2-3K in maintenance and the possibility of $8k in motor replacement. Now make sure you have the funds for future repairs and offer $15K or buy gas.


Active Member
Feb 15, 2019
Partlow, Virginia
Truck Year
I have 143k on my 2014. Egr and intake done at 109k. Previous owner records from dealer shows it spent a hefty amount of time in the dealers parking lot for repairs. Bought mine at 113k, since August 2018 I have put a #4 glow plug in(500$ after it broke off), deleted at 133k (1000$ Tuner and plates for egr). Self oil changes are changes are 100$ if you do them yourself every 7k, fuel filters are around 20$ at the same 7k interval. Ride is awesome(non air ride), quite and plenty of pep compared to my 2001 ram 1500. Would I buy mine again knowing what I know now since I was uneducated on them? Maybe. It’s a basket of worries but maintnence and tunes seem to be the ticket for these motors.
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