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LED Highbeams (9005/Quad light)


New Member
Dec 29, 2018
Truck Year
One of my low beams burnt out today so I decided I’d upgrade to LED all around, I went and picked up bulbs for my lows and highs (SYLVANIA LED 9005 and H11), through Canadian tires website I made sure they were going to work. Low beams went in without a problem but the high beams are giving me hassle, they go in and screw in, I’m able to stuff the ballast in or what ever the little box is but I cannot for the life of me screw the dust cap on. Maybe it really takes some finagling but I tried with the same light on both sides and came up with the same issue. It’s like the cap is touching the fan. I’m surprised because I was under the impression that they would “fit” and not just the right bulb. It’s pretty close to closing on the light maybe a 1/4” and it’s be good. I’m not sure about dust cover extensions I really couldn’t find anything on google.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated, I just hate to let those bulbs go to waste.
thanks everyone.


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