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Metal found in oil filter. How much is too much?


New Member
Aug 10, 2019
Truck Year
I have a ‘16 with 118,000 mi and noticed about 20-30 of these small pieces scattered throughout my filter after cutting and inspecting it. GDE non compliant tune sine 40k mi. They are non magnetic. Am i looking at bearing failure? I was unable to see them until i cut the filter apart and spread it out under a light.

Mainly asking because i am about to replace the water pump, turbo coolant line, and intake manifold. Do t really want to go thru the trouble if im about to spin a bearing/rod. I decided to check and change the oil early @ 3800 mi since last change.


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Mar 19, 2022
Truck Year
get your oil tested. It will tell you what is in it. My last check I had silica (sand dirt) not much but within spec. After speaking to the oil testing company they said dirt probably fell into the filter housing while changing the oil.