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  1. T

    Metal found in oil filter. How much is too much?

    I have a ‘16 with 118,000 mi and noticed about 20-30 of these small pieces scattered throughout my filter after cutting and inspecting it. GDE non compliant tune sine 40k mi. They are non magnetic. Am i looking at bearing failure? I was unable to see them until i cut the filter apart and...
  2. R

    2015 Ram ED 5w40

    Here are the specs of my truck: 2015 Big Horn ED 3.0l diesel 2WD 25,800 miles (about 1,000 tow) Tires 275/60 r 20 m/s bridgestones Nitrogen filled to 41: Dropped off the truck and only asked for an oil change (didnt mention the new oil). They swapped to 5w40 no charge (dealer incentive when...
  3. jdn112011

    Rear Differential Service

    I was borderline between severe service and regular maintenance so I opted to do the fluid change on my 3.55 limited slip at about 29k and 1 year old. Ram differentials do have drain plugs which is very helpful! Located to the passenger side behind the casting for the fill and cover. But it...
  4. jdn112011

    WARNING VOID Engine Warranty

    So to anyone who did or has done as I have well I hope there isn't anyone. Champion oils, SynGold 5w30 has two different part numbers. They use the same exact bottle and front label but the spec sheet on the back is different. Part number 4431 is traditional 5w30. Part number 4436 is European...
  5. BoostN

    aFe ProGuard Oil Filters for the EcoDiesel

    Was released today, but is the same price as the OEM (Factory) filter.. with no price difference I'm not sure you can justify going aftermarket. Thoughts?
  6. BoostN

    Amsoil EURO 5w-50 EcoDiesel Oil

    For the Amsoil fans, it looks like they have had oil for a little while now. I don't recall finding it when I was searching a few months back.. http://www.amsoil.com/shop/by-product/motor-oil/european/european-car-formula-5w-30-synthetic-motor-oil/ It's good to have another high quality option.
  7. jdn112011

    OEM filters

    08/01/2017 Transmission filter https://www.dieselfiltersonline.com...-0-liter-eco-diesel-transmission-filters.html Mopar Oil filter https://www.dieselfiltersonline.com...ngine-oil-filter-jeep-ram-3-0l-v6-diesel.html Full oil filter list...