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my name is robert i'm from myrtle creek oregon


Active Member
Jun 17, 2015
Truck Year
I like the colors!

Stan Laurel

Active Member
Aug 3, 2015
Truck Year
Great decision on your purchase - congrats and welcome!


Active Member
Nov 15, 2015
Truck Year
Trailer weight is around 4000lbs loaded, fairly light, the truck pulls it so well that you tend to forget you are towing, had one close call, now i pay attention, copilot sees to that.. i really like the air suspension very smooth, was towing with an 2003 silverado 4.8 auto no comparison, it would tach to 4500 pulling hills,was not fun.. only down side is cleaning there is a lot of real estate there, next purchase will be bug shield and side rail steps,maybe spray in liner,heard they can color match liners now i'm gonna confirm that, i purchased the lifetime oil change.but now i kinda regret it, you are locked in to what ever the dealer is putting in, pennz euro 5/30, can't cry over spilt oil, just pay the fine, any way thats me in a nutshell.


Sep 16, 2015
Truck Year
View attachment 433 2015 Laramie just turned 3500 miles, i was looking at the tradesman but say the Laramie Eco-diesel and well here i am.
Nice .... truck and RV... I love Eco Laramie... you will be happy.. I have 30'RV along with various other trailers and a dump trailer.. and my truck rocks.. I bought it for leasure mostly because I have 2500 v 10 Ram if I need to haul heavy.... but I love towing with my new truck it rides so nice... I am on vacation now and my truck is sitting in my driveway.. and I miss it.. I love driving it .. only think and I will sound like a broken record.. I really hate my rims.. for the cost of the truck the chrome clad plastic is just not up to standard.. they look nice.. but I had i know when I bought it they were not full chrome I would have worked a better deal... as soon as winter is gone.. so are they... !!! Your truck is a great color!!