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New guy here, first diesel, 2015 Big Horn

Aaron Ploog

New Member
Jan 4, 2017
Truck Year
Hey guys. Up here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Just picked up a 2015 big horn edition with 19,000 miles. I'm self employed and was in need of a good write off before the end of the year. Gonna do the ol section 179. Up until now, my daily has been a 98 Toyota 4runner and she's been damn good to me. Love that rig. Stumbled upon the Ecodiesel by accident and couldn't help myself with the whole "28mpg" thing. I wanted cloth and a bench seat and call me old fashioned...but a key too. I know, weird. Looked at a fancy loaded Crew Cab with the air ride and every single option but like I said, I wanted a more basic one. Never have seen good things come out of air ride once it gets older. Ended up with the Quad Cab instead and riding on springs. From what I can tell, the only thing not stock are some red Air Lift bags in the back and the KO2's. Pretty luxurious compared to what I'm used to. Really liking it so far, despite it being the coldest winter I've seen in a while. Below zero most of this week (Fahrenheit) and I just got a phone warning saying we're looking at wind chills tonight and tomorrow morning of -20 to -35 F. I need to dig around in the back and see if it came with the grill cover. Her toes are gonna get coooooooold. No garage, started smoothly and easily the first few mornings in the teens and single digies. Now with it getting colder, I've got it plugged in on a timer for 3 hrs before I get going in the morning. No issues.

(Oh, I named her "Darkness" for any Chappelle fans out there)


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