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New here: 2015 Overland Build


New Member
May 3, 2020
Truck Year
Hey All,

I’m new here and excited to explore the Laramie Longhorn I bought a bit back. I live in Montana and love to adventure, camp and explore. Have loved the ecodiesel since my dad bought one and finally picked one up. Fully loaded and fitting for overland, along with a rooftop tend, dirt bike carrier and all the survival goodies already installed.

Next on the block, in a week or so will be a tune, thinking GDE (currently out of stock), or Banks Deringer, but open to suggestions from some of the pros in here.

Also, either full delete or just EGR delete and a good dual exhaust, plus an intake. Looking to catch up what I don’t and what I need to know about these trucks.

Any threads/opinions you can suggest to give me help in my expedited search would be great.


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