Steering Wheel Alignment

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New Member
Mar 2, 2015
I had an issue with my 2014 CC black series. Bought it new and after 500 miles it would pull left so I had to hold it to the right. Called the dealership because I was on my way to Disney. When I got back, service advisor said it was caused by being bumped on assembly line and it caused it to misaligned. Got it done the first time and it it came back again. It was 29* off but it was fixed. That truck is long gone.


Active Member
May 24, 2015
Truck Year
Not Listed
Yeah mine is to the left, it sucks because it was dead straight perfect until 100,000 miles, then the massive potholes on I-80 messed up my alignment really bad and it started pulling really hard to the left, then I got it aligned twice, and its still off-center.
GRRR. Im such a real nit picker about how straight my steering wheel is too.
I have a set of brand new bilstein struts im going to have installed as soon as I sell my 20" factory rims, then ill get it realigned. @ 132000 miles, my front struts are not working so great, im really hating hitting every bump and pothole in my truck, hurting the suspension. I cant wait to install the bilsteins.


Aug 10, 2015
WIndber, PA
Truck Year
Well took truck in to dealer to have owed accessories installed, and alignment issues corrected..
The accessories (Chrome Bug deflector, Front and rear window vent shields, front and rear Chrome RAM Door seals, front and rear mud flaps), look very nice ( I need to take an updated pic), but installer not very smart, put all accessories on without washing vehicle first. Common sense is not that common anymore.....

In order to fix my vibration which they thought was coming from the tire with a gash, and believe is coming from a misaligned front-end, they rotated the tires. Guess what vibration is still there... Did they do an alignment, hek no, they couldn't even wash the truck before putting permanent accessories on.....

Relative to the tire, the salesman ask me if there is a Goodyear Dealer near me, I told him yes.
He asked me to go talk to them and let him know what they say. Goodyear guy says if that was one of our installs we'd be replacing the tire. Relayed to dealer. He says when I bring in they have to take off tire, remove from rim and inspect. What a ridiculous PIA process. They should just replace to $195 tire...ridiculous...