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Trailer Tow results


New Member
Mar 29, 2016
Truck Year
Hi I would like to share some information on a recent trip that we made. We pulled a 24 ft pontoon boat down to Arizona and back from Alberta. in a 2014 ecodiesel Laramie 4x4 crew cab 6,4 box. trailer tow package, 392 gears. there was four adults, with gear, boat and trailer, all in about 7000 Lbs. The truck performed well. Cruising no more than 65 mph. we got around 18/100 per litre about 16 mpg. the truck mostly ran in seventh gear. could hold most hills at 60 mph.on the Interstate15. on big hills slowed up abit if the truck geared down to fifth gear. one thing we noticed the back end was down in suspension. overall was impressed with this ecodiesel. On the way back, less two people. we installed air suspension in rear of truck as we noticed it was hard on the front tires of the trailer. this made a big difference, truck sat more level and rode a lot more smoother, On the way back going a little faster, 70 to 75 on Interstate 15 posted limit 80 mph. the fuel consumption went up to 21/100 litre. around 14mpg. trying to keep up with the big boys. My findings is that slow up up abit you can get good mileage. also the air suspension is a good idea. this was all done in my brothers truck. I was so impressed that I bought one . with air suspension. trailer tow package. so far I am so impressed with this incredibile truck the mileage empty doubled my distance from my last truck. and the power. I think if you want to run at higher speeds pulling a trailer. buy a big diesel. but I find this ecodiesel is enough to pull around 7000 Lbs.