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What diesel do you run and how much is it?


Active Member
May 25, 2015
Truck Year
most of the gas stations here in west bend Wisconsin have diesel priced above premium gas. Usually around $3.50/gallon

However I found a Tri Par gas station that has some special formulated diesel for $2.75/gallon.

The sign doesn't say what the formula is. Just states "ultra clean" and "5% increase in power and economy". I ran all week on this stuff. I can't say I've notice any power increase or any mpg increase but it's cheap!

This could change the dynamic of payback time over a gas engine if this is available for the next 4 or 5 years!!!:D


May 28, 2015
Truck Year
I have 2.69 today for diesel. I run straight #2.

I don't know how soon the pay back will be but I like the diesel power and fuel economy either way.