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  1. K

    FCA Engine Replacement

    Has anyone had luck with FCA’s extended warranty covering a replacement engine? My engine shut off going 70MPH and flashed low oil pressure. Engine wouldn’t start again and just clicked when I turned the key. I had it towed to the dealership and they are saying my engine completely seized up...
  2. M

    Loud turbo grind on idle down and when shutting off engine.

    Seems to originate from the intake air box. And you can hear it pretty loud through the exhaust as well. Little bit of blue smoke is present as well. No drop in boost or performance.
  3. R

    2016 Ram ecodiesel glow plugs

    Hi everyone, my name is Rigo from NorCal. My 2016 ram ecodiesel is at 105k And the shop says I should change the glow plugs, I didn’t even bother getting an estimate. I told my self that I would by them and replace them myself but when I removed the plastic cover, I was shocked, I couldn’t even...
  4. Z

    Engine ticking noise after exhaust filter regen

    I bought this truck a month ago and after it asked for a regen today it started making this clicking sound. It's a 2017 laramie 1500 ecodiesel.
  5. jdn112011

    EcoDiesel JL power numbers!

    Well it looks like they are getting some stronger power figures for the 2019 available wrangler JL that was announced. The 3.0-liter EcoDiesel V6 engine, which will be available starting in 2019, makes 262 horsepower and 442 lb-ft of torque. 8 Speed Auto transmission only. Quite a bump. From...
  6. Mr Reed


    2016 Ram, 3.0 Eco, 10k miles, Completely stock. Hi guys. Well, here we go. I took her in for an oil change last Tues, 3/4/17. On Friday, 3/7/17, as I was leaving work for a Dr appointment, I hear (DING). I look down and there is a CEL staring me in the face. The truck seems to be running fine...
  7. jdn112011

    WARNING VOID Engine Warranty

    So to anyone who did or has done as I have well I hope there isn't anyone. Champion oils, SynGold 5w30 has two different part numbers. They use the same exact bottle and front label but the spec sheet on the back is different. Part number 4431 is traditional 5w30. Part number 4436 is European...