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  1. E

    18 RAM ecodiesel new lift pump and filter won't start

    I need help. I've tried everything. Long story short i installed a new lift pump in the tank about 3 months ago and it failed already. So i installed a new one once again and installed a new fuel filter the old one was already black and just down right dirty. Well went to prime it and accidently...
  2. B

    2014 ED, hard to start, lots of white smoke and chatter on startup

    Hey everyone, this is my first post ever on this site, and I could really use some advice or help. I have a 2014 ED, fully deleted and tuned, and a few weeks ago it started having an issue where it billows lots of white smoke on startup, and sounds like an old tractor in the process. Regardless...
  3. Z

    Engine ticking noise after exhaust filter regen

    I bought this truck a month ago and after it asked for a regen today it started making this clicking sound. It's a 2017 laramie 1500 ecodiesel.
  4. M

    New member

    Greetings all, Im lookn forward to tapping in on the knowledge of this ecodiesel forum, ....purchased a used 2014 bighorn 2x4 to pull my ultralite 4400lbs 26ft travel trailer...went out for a weekend with out any incident.....came back ...couple of days later.....def pump caused the yellow...
  5. R

    Please help...

    I'm in a pretty bad situation. November 21st, I dove to work like any other day no issues, later to the bank in another town. I was completely out of fuel, 0 miles left on the display when I left the bank. I drove directly to a Chevron station where I pumped $60 of diesel fuel. I took off from...