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  1. T

    Any one tried using Pela Oil Extractor for oil changes?

    I bought a Pela 6000 oil extractor to ease oil changes in my VW TDI. It worked great, and saved removing the plastic, sound-absorbing cover from under the engine. Now I've got an RAM 1500 with an EcoDiesel, and I'm wondering if anyone has tried the Pela oil extractors with the EcoDiesel. I must...
  2. R

    2015 Ram ED 5w40

    Here are the specs of my truck: 2015 Big Horn ED 3.0l diesel 2WD 25,800 miles (about 1,000 tow) Tires 275/60 r 20 m/s bridgestones Nitrogen filled to 41: Dropped off the truck and only asked for an oil change (didnt mention the new oil). They swapped to 5w40 no charge (dealer incentive when...
  3. R

    I am new to the site and a new Ram Eco Diesel owner.

    Hello, just registered. I am interested in maintaining my Eco Diesel and came here looking for information on problems that may come up with the 2014 Eco Diesel and advice to help prevent any. Also I am interested in information on Tune Kits and others real experiences using these. Thanks
  4. cevans

    PSA: FCA Changes Oil Specification Requirement for Ram 1500 EcoDiesels

    All the drama about MS-11106 seems to be over with FCA changing their oil recommendation recently. All the new owners manual diesel supplements now say: We recommend you use 5W-40 synthetic engine oil such as MOPAR or Shell Rotella that meets FCA Material Standard MS-10902 and the API CJ-4 or...
  5. jdn112011

    Front Brake UpgradeUpgrade

    30k on the factory oem pads but according to Ram's service and maintenance intervals on the app at 30k it's due for front brake pads, I figured it was time for an upgrade anyways. When I've got any significant payload or a trailer in tow I can tell more in the braking performance than any other...