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oil filter

  1. P

    Oil filter for 3.0 eco-diesel, 2015 Ram 1500

    Do I need to use the Mopar branded OEM oil filter when I change the oil? Or are there any other acceptable brand filters?
  2. F

    2021 Ram 1500 ecoDiesel oil filter

    I am told that this filter is only available at the dealer at a cost of over $100.00. This is a cheap, plastic fliter that has a paper filter inside. I bought their last one. REALLY? This is my first RAM product. While I like the truck , I wonder what other surprises await me. I have heard about...
  3. D

    Lots of questions

    I am very grateful to join this forum. I have a 2016 Ram 1500 with the eco diesel and I absolutely love it. It replaced my last vehicle that had almost 300k miles and I am expecting to get that much out of this truck. I will do most of my own maintenance and repairs. I have a few questions I am...
  4. BoostN

    aFe ProGuard Oil Filters for the EcoDiesel

    Was released today, but is the same price as the OEM (Factory) filter.. with no price difference I'm not sure you can justify going aftermarket. Thoughts?
  5. jdn112011

    OEM filters

    08/01/2017 Transmission filter https://www.dieselfiltersonline.com...-0-liter-eco-diesel-transmission-filters.html Mopar Oil filter https://www.dieselfiltersonline.com...ngine-oil-filter-jeep-ram-3-0l-v6-diesel.html Full oil filter list...