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  1. T

    Tune and delete

    I’m looking for a delete and tune kit or separate package(USA). I’ve heard a lotta goods and bads. Who’s the most recommended.
  2. Calebk62

    Recommendation For OBD device

    So I recently purchased a pre-owned ECM with a GDE hot tune for my stock 2016 Ecodiesel. I'll be swapping my stock ECM with the tuned, and I am unsure on what OBD connector will work the best to code the VIN and fuel injector codes into the new to me ECM. Any help/ recommendations are greatly...
  3. W

    EGR Cooler Questions

    Hey y'all. I'm new... to the forum and to the ED. Frankly, I'm new to all things mechanical... So I apologize in advance for any ignorant questions or statements... I purchased a 2016 Ram ED LoneStar Edition a few months back. To be honest, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I've...
  4. S

    What's the best ecodiesel tune today for "EGR shutoff" but keeping equipment installed?

    Hi, I'm new here. I've been reading quite a bit lately about delete and tuning, but I'm skeptical that Minnesota may soon require emissions testing for vehicle registration. Is the a quality tune out there which bypasses EGR without full delete? Or shuts off DEF and satisfies DPF sensors? I want...
  5. E

    GDE Hot Tune 2014-2015

    I have a GDE Hot Tuned ECU for sale. Purchased in Sept 2019. It's for a 2014-2015 ram (will probably work in a 2016 too). The tune has the engine braking, high idle and regen msg options. EGR is disabled of course. If you provide me your VIN and injector codes, I'll update the ECU with your...
  6. P

    Tuning Options?

    Just purchased a 2016 Eco, before even picking it up I had the deletes on order, my next step is the tuning! There are too many options and no one ever comes right out and sticks with one answer. Which is the best overall, and why? Cut the BS and give me some good information! :D
  7. SofaKingTuned

    Sofa King Tuned Engine and Transmission Tune COMBO ONLY $720

    http://www.SofaKingTuned.com Sofa King Tuned LLC is having a 20% off store-wide father's day sale. use coupon "SENDITDAD" This means a Stage 1 Engine tune WITH transmission tune is ONLY $720 shipped priority mail to your door. Please checkout www.sofakingtuned.com/FAQ for some VERY...
  8. K

    hello all!!!

    just bought my 2015 eco ram. Has 35000 miles on it. so far i love it compared to my 2011 silverado. but im not to impressed with the fuel mileage on this one. reason i bought this one is i test drove a 2014 that had 23000 miles on it. on the overnight test ride we drove it about 70 miles...
  9. R

    I am new to the site and a new Ram Eco Diesel owner.

    Hello, just registered. I am interested in maintaining my Eco Diesel and came here looking for information on problems that may come up with the 2014 Eco Diesel and advice to help prevent any. Also I am interested in information on Tune Kits and others real experiences using these. Thanks