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  1. T

    Turbo boost gauge installation

    Hi, just bought a 30 psi boost gauge from Glowshift. Been reading on different forums on how to install it myself and where to tie it into the intake system and have yet to come up with a straight answer. The instructions (installation instructions attached down below) say to take the included...
  2. M

    Loud turbo grind on idle down and when shutting off engine.

    Seems to originate from the intake air box. And you can hear it pretty loud through the exhaust as well. Little bit of blue smoke is present as well. No drop in boost or performance.
  3. Brady

    GDE Tuned ECM

    For sale is a GDE tuned ECM from early 2017. Works as it should. $700 USD shipped UPS.
  4. SofaKingTuned

    $8 AutoZone intake tube

    For simplicity and a recent update, here is a simple way to get more sound out of your engine by using a pipe from AutoZone, with paint total cost $8. "AutoZone Intake Pipe" 18" x 3" pipe for $6.99 from AutoZone. The fatter, flared side goes towards the airbox. Then I put some $0.97 black spray...
  5. BoostN

    HS Performance EcoDiesel Compound Turbo Kit

    Looks like the kit is almost done, info and pricing is coming soon.
  6. BoostN

    Compound Turbo EcoDiesel in Diesel Power!

    Glad to see the EcoDiesel get some love in the diesel magazines. This is Espos Diesel Performance's truck. Cover: