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Hello to the forum


New Member
Jun 2, 2016
Truck Year
I'm new to the forum, and to be honest, almost didn't buy the ED after reading some horror stories here and elsewhere.

After renting a hemi powered version for a week, really liked the way the truck rides and handles, and figured I'd take a chance. Have had a 2016 for about 3 weeks. The only odd thing I noticed, don't know if normal or not, when decelerating and the engine hits about 1800 rpm and downshifts, there's kind of a tinny vibration noise, very slight, almost sounds like a ratchet. I crawled under the vehicle tapping this and that, and really couldn't find anything. Might be under the dash too. It is present when accelerating, but much less pronounced.

Anyone else notice such a noise?

Otherwise, this is my first diesel vehicle since my '81 Olds Cutlass 5.7 diesel and what an improvement. So quiet and powerful. Mileage creeping up, now 20.6 driving in very congested Los Angeles traffic.


Joe (Joe was taken so had to use Derian, my grandson's name.)

Stan Laurel

Active Member
Aug 3, 2015
Truck Year
Congrats on your sweet new ride Joe. Not sure about the noise; mine probably makes noises too, but with the killer Alpine stereo cranked up, I don't notice it ;-)