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Not a happy Ram owner


New Member
Mar 20, 2016
Truck Year
image.jpg I have 15000 miles but no problems. I'm happy with my ecodiesel so far!![/QUOTE]

I am a farrier and I had high hopes when I bought this truck for my work vehicle. I have 50,151 miles on my 2014 tradesman model ecodiesel. It's has been a terrible truck and Chrysler customer service has been even worse. At around 20,000 miles I think. I began seeing oil in the coolant and took the truck to the dealer. Since that time the truck has been at the dealer 8 or 9 times for the same issue and yet to be resolved. In the first year I owned the truck it spent approximently 2 months down sitting at the dealer being fixed, and at least another 2 weeks time since the Nov 2015 anniversary. The dealer has put a new transmission cooler, new oil cooler, all new cooling hoses, been flushed around half a dozen or more times, and there is still oil sludge rapidly building up in the cooling resorvior. It's at the point now where it is almost a weekly appointment for me to take it in and have it flushed and checked for where the oil is coming from. The answer from the dealer and the engineers at Chrysler has been, it is residual oil left in the system from the oil cooler failure. After 6 flushes+ In addition the amount of oil is building up faster and faster between times I take it in??? I don't think so. If that weren't bad enough I'm now sitting on the side of the road with my abs light and traction control light on, smoke pouring out of the rear passenger wheel well, and gear oil all over the rotor breaks inside the wheel and all under the truck and there was a loud grinding sound and shaking. I'm guessing a rear axle seal and bearing failure. This doesn't even touch on the business this truck has cost me; the time of mine it's wasted; and the fact that Chrysler service has been the worst I have ever dealt with. I would never recommend this truck or any Chrysler product after this experience. It's a total lemon. Very dissatisfied. Attached is photo taken just now 3/20/2016 4:18pm. It was at the dealer on 3/07/2016 checked for leakage and flushed and return to service with "no leak good to drive". Good luck to everyone with low mileage. Hope this isn't a glimps into your future

Stan Laurel

Active Member
Aug 3, 2015
Truck Year
It would be interesting to know the percentage of trucks with these issues that are 2014 model year, and what percentage are '15s. I am hoping that waiting for some bugs to get worked out in the first year will prove to be the right strategy.....