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Ram Ecodiesel oil cooler delete kit now available.


Active Member
May 24, 2015
Truck Year
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What does this full synthetic oil filter have to do with a ram ecodiesel? I am proud to have the D&J Diesel factory oil cooler delete kit installed on my truck, and now its finally ready. Fully protected by an official U.S. patent. Its done. Full time oil filtration standard on both kits? done. Solid state thermostatically controlled oil control bypass system? done. Solid state oil viscosity bypass oil cooler? done. Automatically controlled thermostatic auxiliary fan? standard on all kits. Need a HD Towing option for extra cooling? Done!! Second cooler with electric fan extra, ready to sell. Fully modular expandable system? DONE!! Call D&J Diesel to pre pay for your system today, pre orders are first come first serve, Kits will be shipping in 2-3 weeks. Many more options and kits coming soon, Thank you for your input and support.

Please dont contact me for sales/support, i am not associated with d&j diesel, Please contact them for support and questions.


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    shawns 640xl_20160329_09_24_30_Pro_LI.jpg
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Well-Known Member
Nov 13, 2015
Thanks for sharing the video. I'm not getting a warm fuzzy feeling with this kit. I'm afraid it lacks sufficient engineering. Definitely not something to do while under factory warranty especially with all the engine failures we are hearing about. the only benefit will be for Chrysler saving some money when they deny the warranty. With that said, it might be okay for the folks out of warranty who are willing to gamble on such a kit. Just my opinion.