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Where to mount CB Antenna


New Member
Aug 12, 2016
Truck Year
I have a 4ft Wilson Fiberglass antenna that I would like to mount on the truck. Problem is, finding the hood mount seems to be an huge challenge. So I'm looking for alternatives for mounting the antenna. Plus I know the 4ft antenna will need to be taken off the truck when I pull into the garage, or any garage (parking ramps) for that matter. Any suggestions?

Just got my new 2016 EcoDiesel home from the dealership last night. Loving it so far!



Well-Known Member
Oct 18, 2015
Truck Year
As @BoostN said or put a plate between the cab and box similar to a tie down for a slide in camper and mount it just alongside the box and cab transition


New Member
Oct 3, 2016
Truck Year
I am going to put my 3' Firestik in a stake mount with the heavy duty spring, running the coax down inside the stake pocket and up through the front of the floor storage pocket. I have the coax run this way on my 3500 and haven't had any issues with it, plus it drops the coax right under the driver's seat. I am planning on putting my cobra in front of my seat attached to that pocket on the side of the console. My KL 200P will mount under the seat. Other than the Firestik this is the setup I have on my 3500 but with a Wilson 1000 magnet mount and it works great.